The Obagi Elastiderm Line is designed to restore firmness and elasticity in the delicate neck and chest area, as well as the eye region. The Elastiderm Line contains clinically proven ingredients such as Bi-Mineral Complex, Hydroquinone, Restorative Elasticity Complex, and several different antioxidants to prevent the signs of aging on the eye, neck and chest areas for an overall youthful looking skin. The eye products in the Elastiderm Line contain a revolutionary formula designed to reduce dark circles, under eye bags, fine lines and wrinkles, and crow’s feet and are available in three different delivery methods: Elastiderm Eye Treatment Cream, Elastiderm Eye Treatment Gel, and Elastiderm Eye Complete Complex Serum. 

These products are designed to help achieve a radiant, more youthful eye area in as little as 2 weeks. The Elastiderm Line also helps to restore and maintain the chest and neck area. Elastiderm Skin Lightening Complex contains 4% Hydroquinone, a powerful ingredient that will gradually lighten hyperpigmented skin conditions and other uneven melanin distribution around the décolletage area. The Elastiderm Wrinkle Reducing Lotion helps boost collagen production to rebuild elasticity and resilience in the skin around the chest and neck area for an overall firmer, more youthful appearance. With the Elastiderm Line products, the eye, chest and neck areas will be firmer, smoother, more even for an overall younger, brighter looking skin.